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Green tech marketing, business development & publicity specialists


Strategic business development around the world for industry and technology companies wanting to grow internationally.


Specialist in start-up tech enterprises – green tech and clean tech – seeking international opportunities and partnerships.


The BXD brand partners with international organisations, introducing them to new markets in Europe and beyond.

International Business Development

Our European subsidiary will help your business expand into the EU market, providing EU domiciliation services, operational and supply chain management. 

With comprehensive service packages particularly tailored to meet the needs of engineering and technology businesses, BXD marketing services can represent and promote your business throughout the EU and beyond.

International business development
International joint venture

Joint Ventures

Partnering with BXD in an international joint venture means accessing decades of cross-industry experience. With global insights, our strategies resonate in the EU and beyond.

With tailored solutions for seamless expansion, from regulatory compliance to market entry. Our guidance becomes your growth compass.

Benefit from our legacy of designing for energy giants, ensuring competence and technical prowess.

Television advertising

Business TV Channels

As a BXD key service, we help businesses expand into overseas markets. In particular, our EU subsidiary acts as an agency and can manage the entire European presence, providing EU incorporation services from business presence to supply line management.

Who We Are

Technical Marketing Experts

With many years of experience in engineering product design, development, testing, and sales, BXD is ideally positioned to provide the exposure your green tech business, brand, products and services deserve, particularly when entering new markets and seeking new customers, agents, distributors, and business partners.

Green energy marketing and business development
Green energy marketing and publicity experts with practical in the trenches experience
BXD Systems

Green Tech Specialists

Our years of experience speaks for itself, with a solid background firstly in industrial product design to the most demanding international standards, and also the sale of process plant equipment in the energy sectors throughout many parts of the world.

Reasons to Choose BXD



We research the market, nationally and internationally, assessing the competition and opportunities.



Then develop a route to market strategy that will be effective, innovative and cost-efficient.



Now put it into action, continually refining based on results and feedback from the field.

Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

Years of experience in engineering and manufacturing of  process equipment for the energy sector and green tech marketing.

Practical Experience

Practical Experience

In design, manufacture, installation, sales and marketing. Not to mention detailed contract negotiation, pre- and post-sales support.

Reliability & Dependability

Reliability & Dependability

We are there when you need us. You can count on our support at all times, including for those important meetings and outside office hours.

Sales Experience

Sales Experience

We have sold industrial process equipment and engineering software in many parts of the world, including Europe, Scandinavia, South America and Asia.

Marketing Expertise

Marketing Expertise

From business and product branding, print and digital media, to sales presentations and trade shows in several parts of the world. We have you covered!

We Build Relationships

We Build Relationships

Relationship building is our strength. Whether it’s with our clients or our clients’ clients. We go that extra mile to provide outstanding service.

Step by Step

Our Background

Twenty years involved in detailed engineering design, process plant construction, and consultancy in the energy and process plant sectors, followed by twenty years in process equipment and software sales and marketing. That’s where we come from. Transitioning into renewable energy in 2010, we cut our teeth on solar power system design and marketing, negotiating some major flagship contracts internationally. And the rest, as they say, is history. We are particularly enthusiastic to promote projects involving energy storage, hydrogen, offshore wind, and electric vehicles. 

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Sustainable green energy marketing, business development, and publicity outsource solutions. For the clean energy and green tech industries.

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