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Tony Wood - BXD

Tony Wood

CEO & Senior Consultant


CEO & Senior Consultant


A career spanning over 40 years involved in the design of safety-critical process equipment for the energy, pharmaceutical, food and renewable energy sectors, engineering management, and engineering product and service marketing.

Key Positions

BXD Ltd – CEO [current position]

BNFL – Independent external design authority

Finglow Ltd – Sales & Marketing Manager

Cirius Communications Srl (France) – General Manager

Technical Expertise (20 years)
  • Pressure systems – vessels, heat exchangers, process columns, piping
  • Submarine technology
  • Mechanical equipment for nuclear fuel reprocessing and food processing
  • Structural design – skid packages, buildings
  • Environmental design – seismic, wind, sea, shock
  • International safety standards – design and construction
  • Metallurgy – welding and fabrication in stainless steels, nickel alloys, and exotic metals (titanium, tantalum, zirconium)


Published Work

Co-author of manuals for the fabrication and welding of nickel alloys and titanium.


Engineering Software

Developer of the PREVPAK pressure vessel and heat exchanger design software – the first such software package available on desktop computers. Key users included BNFL, Weir Group, GEC Turbine Generators.


Specific Engineering Design Projects
  • Royal Navy – Re-design of transportable diving decompression chambers for war-zone deployment.
  • BNFL Vitrification vessels for thermal oxide reprocessing plant (THORP).
  • TFL – Geothermal energy-powered desalination plant – working alongside H Christopher H Armstead, inventor, regarded as the ‘father of geothermal energy’. See Science Magazine, 1973.
  • BP, Kværner, Amerada Hess – Process decks and skid packages for Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels.
  • BOC – Pressurised cryogenic road tankers.
  • Siberia – Hyperbaric therapy chambers installed in salt caverns.


Marketing Expertise (20+ years)

Technical sales – UK and international (engineering and software products)

International marketing, communications & PR – English and French languages

Technical authoring – product and service brochures, operating manuals and guides


Specific Marketing Projects
  • Establishment of international sales agency network for technical services (Asia Pacific, India, S. Africa, S. America, Scandinavia).
  • Negotiation and sale of portable domestic solar energy systems through Government of Pakistan to provide thousands of rural homes with electricity.



BA Dual Hons (Sheffield). MSc Natural Sciences (OU)



English (native), French (fluent), working knowledge of Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish

Environmental Design


Tony is a recognised specialist in several aspects of industrial process equipment design. These include equipment operating at high and low pressures and temperatures, material selection for fabrication and welding, and Finite Element Analysis of safety-critical components, such as nozzles and support structures.

A particular area of expertise is the design of equipment for installation on the process decks of FPSO vessels, and subject to wave motion effects due storms and wind typical of the North Sea environment.

Another area of specialisation is that of the seismic design of plant and structures for use in the nuclear industry, where the integrity of foundations, supports and attached pipework is of critical importance.

FPSO North Sea

How to go Global

To go global you need to think globally, and do it from the outset. To be honest, this is all we know how to do. BXD was conceived as a global brand and has a global pedigree. Our business is to take our clients global using global strategies, specially developed for each client. We help find agents, distributors and customers, create supply chains, and can even help set up your local presence. So talk to us now and Go Global.



We can research your market, nationally and internationally, thoroughly assessing the competition.



Then develop a cost-efficient route to market strategy, that will regularly be both innovative and effective.



Then we put it into action, further developing and enhancing based on results and feedback from the field.


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