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Renewable energy and green tech business development

BXD provides a comprehensive business development, branding, marketing, communications, and sales support service for the renewable energy and green technology industries.

We can either function as an outsourced marketing department for your business, work on an individual project, such as for a new product launch, or as an integral part of your team.

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What is business development, and why it's essential

Business development is about making your business bigger and better through initiatives and new ideas by the creation of value. This includes increasing profitability and focusing on growth opportunities by building connections with strategic partners and making calculated business decisions.

Business development is not solely about sales, it is about developing your business in general. Sales are only one of several development strategies that are employed, together with the many aspects of marketing. Most importantly it focuses on building strategic relationships with partners and with customers.

Green tech business development and sales

Business development is often considered to be a part of the greater sales team, however it serves a different and much wider function than typical sales activity and responsibilities.Business development is a process that helps your company establish and maintain relationships with prospects, learn about your customer’s personas, increase brand awareness, and seek new opportunities to promote growth.In contrast, sales teams focus on selling your products or services to customers and work to convert leads into customers. Business development work is an adjunct and precursor to sales that simplifies the work of a salesperson or sales manager.

Green tech business development and marketing

Business development sits in between your marketing and sales initiatives, making both work more efficiently and symbiotically.

Business development tasks

Business development for renewable energy and green tech businesses

As mentioned, business development sits somewhere in between marketing and sales, to make both more effective. When considering renewable energy and most contemporary technology businesses, particularly those operating in the foreground of the public and political gaze, it becomes particularly important in order to explain and differentiate your brand and its product and service offerings – which are often not readily understood – from those of competing companies.

The role of BXD in business development

BXD will typically be employed as a business development intermediary where we implement our own marketing strategies in association with a client’s in-house sales team. So it is essentially a role of liaison and implementation of an agreed strategy. It might be looked upon as a sales support role.

We see our position as being accountable to all relevant business and project stakeholders, with the objective of increasing brand value and sales profitability. This is a particularly important task when a client intends to expand significantly or go public through an IPO.

Renewable energy business development

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