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Public relations for renewable energy and green technology

BXD provides a comprehensive business development, branding, marketing, communications, and sales support service for the renewable energy and green technology industries.

We can either function as an outsourced marketing department for your business, work on an individual project, such as for a new product launch, or as an integral part of your team.

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What is public relations?

Often talked about, but not always understood, public relations embraces a set of strategies and techniques used to manage how information about a person or business is communicated to the public and media. The latter component of public relations is known as media relations.

The primary objectives are to disseminate information concerning important company news or events, help create and maintain the brand image, and to manage public and media perception of any negative events so as to minimise their effect on a business and its officials.

BXD and public relations

For large scale projects, implementing a suitably intense public relations (PR) campaign is often the best way forward, typically as a key component of the overall marketing strategy.

Public relations will particularly involve media planning and media relations, including direct communication with relevant industry media, online and offline, particularly the well-known and respected print media (newspapers and journals). This could involve organising press conferences.

PR will frequently include photo sessions highlighting who’s who in your business, benefits to the public, the industry, and the country.

Where major public or industry benefit or innovation is involved, PR might also include seeking and arranging television interviews with the major networks.

PR with BXD is a highly individualised bespoke professional service. We don’t undertake this in-house but work hand-in-hand with a reputable UK-based PR agency with appropriate industry experience.

BXD functions as the interface and intermediary ensuring that the PR campaign aligns precisely and seamlessly with the agreed overall marketing strategy, sharing branding and other resources, resulting in an efficient, cost-effective solution generating maximum impact.

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