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BXD provides a comprehensive business development, branding, marketing, communications, and sales support service for the renewable energy and green technology industries.

We can either function as an outsourced marketing department for your business, work on an individual project, such as for a new product launch, or as an integral part of your team.

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Green tech websites

You’re a green or ethical business and we always go the extra mile to ensure your website totally represents you and your values.

Your website is also one key component of your marketing strategy and will be designed with this in mind.


We will create your website to meet your needs entirely, whether that be corporate for investor relations, for lead capture, branding and awareness, sales or a subtle combination. We work with you and your team to get it just right. Or simply entrust everything to our experienced developers to showcase your business to its best advantage.


We build each website to do a specific job and all components work harmoniously together to achieve that goal. It can include agreed components such as contact forms, quotation requests, social media links, supplied brochures for download, and your choice of rapid communication methods, such as Skype, WhatsApp or SMS links, even chat bots.

Demonstration site: for lead capture and sales

Demonstration website for lead capture and sales: solar installer site

Lead generation

Most businesses, whether they realise it or not, can benefit from a professionally designed lead generation website.

This can function either as a main business site, or as a standalone site operating alongside the main site created specifically to capture data and signups before sending visitors on to the main website.

Such a site can be of use, for example, when the main site is not optimised for sales or SEO, possibly deliberately in  the case of some professional sites.

BXD lead gen sites are highly optimised for specific purposes and often incorporate substantial SEO, and lead capture elements.

Demonstration site: for lead generation

Lead generation websites

Membership sites

Demonstration site: membership

Our custom built sites can be as simple or sophisticated as required, and can include combinations of advanced modules such as:


Free or paid membership subscriptions with admin control over members and content.


Training courses, focusing on video content, either free or paid. Members sign up for what they need with admin control over course allocation.


Sell products and merchandise direct from your own in-built ecommerce store, with a range of payment options.

Performance & analytics

However, after designing and building the site, the work is not yet over. This is when some of the most complex technical aspects begin.

For a website to be easy to use and the search engines to rank it, then it is essential that it is fully performance-optimised.

This is another part of our web development service that is almost unique. It is pointless having a website which is difficult to use, not robust, or difficult to find.

And to serve our clients best, we provide some of the fastest, most reliable and highest quality hosting available (although you can of course use your own hosting if preferred).

Search & performance analytics

We also give you the keys to your site where, on the dashboard you will have full access to Google Analytics and Search Console data, plus a view of up-to-date site performance test results.

So you can be sure you always keep on target!

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