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BXD provides a comprehensive business development, branding, marketing, communications, and sales support service for the renewable energy and green technology industries.

We can either function as an outsourced marketing department for your business, work on an individual project, such as for a new product launch, or as an integral part of your team.

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Television is the ideal communication channel

Television is the perfect communication channel for businesses with something important to say. And we are sure that your business fits into this category, otherwise you wouldn’t be here!

Television lets you easily communicate your important messages and news to clients, prospects and the wider public. It can also be used by larger businesses with an international presence for communicating with branches and subsidiaries around the world, increasing employee loyalty and participation.

With BXD’s Riviera Television brand, this is all now possible – quickly, effectively, economically – even for smaller businesses.

Whatever your market...

Your business can benefit from owning its very own Connected TV channel. Just imagine the benefits! Because now you can easily…
  • Build brand awareness
  • Be an authoritative entity
  • Generate more website traffic
  • Advertise to the masses
With your own corporate CTV channel, your business will certainly stand out from the crowd, differentiating you from your competitors, and identify you publicly as a serious brand that means business and a brand that cares about its reputation.

What is Connected Television?

Connected Television (known as CTV) is the term for any type of TV that is capable of streaming digital video. It might be a Smart TV or have an externally-connected device to enable streaming of video content onto a tv screen.

Some of the various types of CTV include smart televisions, gaming consoles (such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X), Amazon Fire Stick/Amazon TV, Apple TV, Roku, or any one of several up-coming devices.

The uptick in popularity of CTV has caused many consumers to ‘cut their cords’ – a rising pattern of customers withdrawing their traditional TV payments in favour of only using these streaming or on-demand platforms.

The result is an amazing – perhaps once in a lifetime – opportunity for businesses. And as a renewable energy or green technology business, you are set to benefit on a potentially global scale.


Find out more about CTV...

To learn more about CTV and discover how having your own dedicated television channel can help your business communicate and grow, head over to our Riviera Television site and read further.

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