International Business Development

From market entry to operational support

A totally hands-on, custom-built service solution for international business development – a comprehensive approach to supporting your international expansion objectives.

Combining strategic guidance with practical solutions that encompass every stage of the journey, from market entry to sustained growth.

With the plus of access to investment finance solutions and government support where available.

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International Business Development Solutions

Market Entry Strategy

Craft tailored market entry strategies based on thorough research and analysis. Identify target markets with high growth potential, assess market readiness, and outline steps for successful entry.

Partner Identification and Negotiation

Identify potential partners, distributors, and collaborators within the target market. Initiate partnerships, negotiate contracts, and ensure mutual benefits for both parties.

Supply Chain Management

Assist in establishing and managing a robust supply chain in the new market. Ensure efficient procurement, logistics, and distribution processes for seamless operations.

Regulatory and Compliance Guidance

Navigate the complex regulatory landscape of international markets. Provide guidance on compliance with local laws, regulations, and industry standards to avoid pitfalls and delays.

International Marketing Services

Branding and Positioning

Develop a comprehensive branding strategy that resonates with the target market’s culture and values. Create a strong brand identity that instills trust and credibility.

Public Relations

Strategically managed international public relations not only enhances brand visibility and reputation but also bridges cultural gaps, fosters positive stakeholder relationships, and positions your business as a credible and approachable player in the target market, ultimately driving sustained growth and success.

Multilingual Content Development

Produce marketing materials, websites, and content localised to the language and culture of the target market. Ensure effective communication that connects with local audiences.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Design and execute result-oriented digital marketing campaigns across various platforms. Utilize SEO, social media, and targeted advertising to reach a wider global audience.

Market-specific Campaigns

Tailor marketing campaigns to address market-specific nuances and preferences. Highlight how your client’s offerings address the unique needs of each market.

Business Domiciliation and Agent Services

Registered Address Services

Provide a registered address in the target market for legal and administrative purposes. Ensure compliance with local requirements and establish a local presence.

Local Agent Representation

Act as a local agent for your clients, facilitating communication with authorities and partners. This ensures a smooth flow of information and enhances your clients’ credibility.

Business Partnerships

Strategic Partner Identification

Identify potential partners, including JV partners, with complementary expertise, resources, and goals. Evaluate alignment and synergy to ensure a successful collaboration.

JV Structure and Contract Negotiation

Assist in structuring the joint venture, defining roles, responsibilities, and profit-sharing mechanisms. Negotiate contracts to protect your clients’ interests.

Operational Support

Provide ongoing operational support to ensure the joint venture’s success. Monitor progress, mediate conflicts, and optimize processes for mutual growth.

Your International Business Partner

At BXD, our unparalleled experience in orchestrating the establishment and growth of businesses across borders sets us apart as a premier partner for international business development.

With a proven track record spanning decades, our expertise transcends geographical boundaries and industry sectors. We understand the intricacies of market dynamics, regulatory landscapes, and cultural nuances that influence successful expansion.  Leveraging this wealth of knowledge, we offer tailor-made solutions that navigate complexities, mitigate risks, and unlock opportunities.

BXD’s strategic prowess lies in our ability to seamlessly integrate all facets of international business development. From comprehensive market research and targeted marketing strategies to negotiating partnerships and facilitating investment, we orchestrate a holistic approach that positions our clients for success. Our hallmark is our commitment to forging enduring partnerships and aligning our strategies with the unique objectives of each business we serve.

Whether entering the European Union, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, or any corner of the world, BXD is your steadfast companion, translating vision into tangible growth, and transforming challenges into triumphs on the global stage.

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